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Do you lack confidence?
Ever struggled with negative thinking?
Do you keep putting off that assignment until the last minute?

These issues are common for not only young people – but humans of all ages! Max Potential helps you address these challenges head on – with the help of your very own coach. It’s about changing the way you think so that you have a strong mindset in going after your goals.


Through Max Potential, you will experience accelerated growth in understanding yourself and using timeless life principles to lead yourself and others well. Plus, you get to interact with students from other schools and deliver a community service pitch that takes an entrepreneurial approach to meeting needs in your local community.


Scholarships are available for young adults to participate at no cost to you, thanks to the incredible generosity of sponsors who want to see young people grow and develop.

Max Potential Young Adult Benefits

Individ Coaching Icon-01.png

Personal Coach

Someone who is there to help you achieve the goal/s of your choice

Personal Leadership Icon-01.png

Personal Leadership

Learn principles to strengthen your thinking - develop good habits

Community Service Icon-01.png

Community Service

Match your passion with a need in the community – make a difference

Max Potential IMPACT 

Experience of young adult participants across all Max Potential 2023 programs


rated confidence in their personal leadership at least 7 out of 10 by end of program


experienced a
positive change

through Max Potential


achieved the goal/s they set out to achieve during the program

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