The Max Potential Program

Using an innovative program design, Max Potential takes high school students ('young adults') and volunteers ('community coaches') on a transformative journey that changes their attitudes and thinking so they can problem solve and move towards their own goals.

Two days of professional coach training for volunteer community members to upskill them in coaching techniques. This equips each community coach to effectively support their young adult towards achieving their goals AND gives them skills to use in their professional and personal lives.

Coach Training

Three to four interactive half day workshops throughout the program create a sense of group identity and community within a fun and safe environment, providing valuable personal leadership development. These workshops build momentum and become important check points: an opportunity to celebrate ‘wins’ along the way!

Group Workshops
Individual Coaching

Each young adult is carefully ‘matched’ with a community coach for the Max Potential journey. Each pair meets for at least eight one-on-one coaching sessions over the 22 weeks, personalised to meet each young adult where they are at, to change their attitudes and thinking to help them move towards the goal/s of their choosing.


Each community coach also has three to four individual coaching sessions with a professional coach to achieve their own coaching goal and be supported throughout the program.


Coaching is an active learning conversation that accelerates people’s ability to lead themselves and others effectively. It’s different to mentoring in that the coach doesn’t tell the coachee what to do, but instead asks great questions, challenges them to change their thinking and develop good habits, plus holds them accountable to go after their goals.

Community Service Project

Max Potential unleashes a young adult’s inner potential and confidence and provides opportunities to express this through action learning by leading a community project. Each young adult must start, develop and deliver a project that will make a difference in their local community, connecting their passion with a real need to deliver real impact.


Max Potential ends with a celebratory Showcase event where each young adult creatively demonstrates what they have learned through the program. Young adults receive a certificate for completing the program. Local dignitaries, school principals/ teachers, parents, friends, local community leaders and members are all invited to attend.

Certificate I Active Volunteering (CHC14015)

As part of the Max Potential program, participants can apply for the Certificate I in Active Volunteering (CHC14015) through the School of Volunteer Management [RTO code 90031].  

This is a brilliant way for young adults to gain a qualification that provides a pathway to other vocational qualifications and is fantastic evidence of skills for a CV when applying for further study and/or work. Each graduate will receive a Max Potential certificate. Application for the Certificate I in Active Volunteering is optional, and students that successfully complete this training and assessment will be issued with the nationally recognised qualification, CHC14015 Certificate I in Active Volunteering.


The School of Volunteer Management is the training arm of The Centre for Volunteering and is the peak body in NSW promoting and supporting volunteering and community participation.


IMPORTANT: If you want to apply for the Max Potential program as a young adult OR a community coach, then click here to complete the full application form online.

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