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Meet the Team
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Carla Wilson

Carla brings over two decades of management experience, leading teams across diverse industries such as manufacturing, design, data analytics, sports, and non-profit sectors. Today, she specialises in leadership, coaching, training and facilitating, with a focus on unlocking the full potential of individuals, inspiring them to think differently to create profound, lasting life changes.


As a mother of four girls who loves the outdoors - especially surfing, Carla understands the importance of aligning professional goals with personal passions. She finds deep satisfaction from helping others discover passions and achieve their professional aspirations, knowing that fulfillment in work positively impacts all aspects of life, including self-confidence and overall well-being.

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Stephen Welsh
Associate Coach

Steve is a leadership coach who partners with individuals to invest in their unique identity, giftedness, and strengths, guiding them towards sustainable growth. He focuses his passion on nurturing leaders in ministry and business. Steve has 40 years of experience as a professional in the construction industry in various roles as a contractor, client, consulting project manager and business owner. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation (ICF) and Certified Mentor Coach (CMC).

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Heidi Iveson
Program Coordinator

With over four decades of experience in jewellery retail and wholesale, Heidi prides herself on providing 

outstanding customer service, driven by a foundation of trust, strong communication, and relationship skills. 

She is focused and passionate about developing and mentoring people to succeed, having extensive involvement in building and leading high-performing teams to success, and undertaking all aspects of management functions.

'Empowering young adults through coaching and support transforms lives, enriching both the community and individuals. Being a part of their journey through the pivotal transition from school to adulthood is an immensely rewarding experience that everyone should have the change to embrace.'

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Milka Crichton
Program Coordinator

Milka has over a decade of combined experience in primary teaching, high school chaplaincy, social work and children’s and youth ministries. Her purpose lies in equipping young people to be grounded in their identity and fulfilling their destiny through providing education, life skills and mentorship. Her successes are found in her various roles in education, mentorship, community services and youth work by being both ‘on the ground’ and in a managerial role.

‘Max Potential is pivotal in helping meaningful change and personal growth take place in the lives of today’s young adults. To see their creativity, dreams, visions, mindsets and personal development unravel through deep thought, conversation and practical projects is an experience you want to have over and over again. It truly is remarkable what young people are capable of and it imparts so much hope and joy for the now and the future.’

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