Do you want to make a difference in the life of a young person?


To help them know their worth and go after their goals?


Are you ready to learn how to be an effective coach and use
those skills in your personal and professional life?

Through Max Potential, you will be trained in the art of coaching: active listening, insightful questioning and challenging people to think and act differently. Be inspired as you watch your young adult grow in confidence and achieve their goals. As a wonderful bonus you will find – as the vast majority of community coaches do – that you have learned so much about yourself and your own leadership through the journey.


Volunteers can apply to be a community coach via a sponsorship or a paid position through your organisation.

Max Potential Community Coach Benefits

Coach Professional

Professional coach training and three sessions with a professional coach

Empower a
Young Adult

Coach a young person towards their goals and watch them thrive


 Strengthen your thinking and develop good habits

Coach Skills

Use your coaching
skills in workplace and personal life

Max Potential IMPACT 

Experience of volunteer coaches across all Max Potential 2018 programs


very satisfied/satisfied with the overall experience


experienced a
positive change

in the program


achieved the
goal(s) they set
out to achieve


expect to use coaching skills
in the future


IMPORTANT: If you want to apply for the Max Potential program as a young adult OR a community coach, then click here to complete the full application form online.

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