Community Service Pitch
2020 Films

Ever wondered what the world might look like if young people were in charge?

Here’s a little taste of the passion and innovation bubbling up in the next generation of leaders. 


The Max Potential 2020 cohort addressed the question:

“How to re-build community post COVID-19?”


Be inspired watching these short Pitch films that explore unique ways to tackle big challenges. 


Zahra's "Echo Virtue"
Geoff's "Can You Lend us a Hand?"
Saydie's "Keeping the Past"
Celine's "Freedom Unlocked"
Mahima's "Birth Narratives"
Erica's "Creativity Connection"
Elizabeth's "Same on the Inside"
Shayma's "Scan Mate"
Charlotte's "Online Touch"
Adam's "The Conversation Club"
Devyani's "Help the Homeless Grow"
Jacqueline's "Safe Haven"
Marina's "Active Families, Happy Communities"
Sania's "Local Textbook Drive"
Sinchana's "Little by Little"
Teresa's "P2H"
Vanessa's "Morning Meetups"
Akshara's "Safe Haven for Kids"
Anthony's "What's Wrong?"
Dakshika's "Mental Health is Preserved Wealth"
Drashti's "The More You Know"
Jason's "Share Street"
Lauren's "Art Activity Workshop"
Nathan's "Open Mic"
Shailaj's "STEM Awareness Workshops"
Shivam's "Free Within"
Shruthi's "Ambitious Youth"


Erin's Musically Overcoming Adversity 
Shanae's Connect Opolis
Angie's COVID Capsule



Isabella's "Covid Connect"
Anika's "Positive Pat & The Fisher Family
Thomas' "Central Coast Schools Festival"
Jacob's "Enviro Day"
Daniel's "Just Ask"
Piaras' "Mixed Generation Initiative"
Chloe's "Art for the Mind"
Holly's "Art Therapy"
Gabe's "Together We Can Speak Out"
Tara's "Youth Mental Health App"


Ailbhe's "Digit Dock"
Ashleigh's "Ocean in my Pocket"
Ian's "Project Hope & Beyond"
Imogen's "Volunteer Connect"
Ethan's "Lock It In"
Victoria's "Back to Basics"
Brandon's "Lawn Bowls for All"
Phoebe's "Central Coast Pet Hub
Sienna's "Community Connect Group"
Cameron's "My Life App"
Kai's "Environment Education
Bianca's "Reading for Kids Website"
Yuki's "Fitness Made Fun"
Ella's "Hype for Skype"
Joe's "Support Paws"
Catherine's "Dance to Aged Care Remotely"
Fereshteh's "Koala Adoption Program"
Allyson's "Lose the Litter"

Castle Hill

Fraser's "Bread for Better"
Ofelia's "Uplift"
Nathan's "Venture"
Emily's "Four Day Foundation"
Piper's "COVID Care"
Angeline's "Gifted Spirit"
Toby's "Mates School Service"
Dillon's "Bits to Bytes"
Jack's "Attuned Horizons"
Rebecca's "Stay Connected"
Tyler's "Dancing Love into the Hills"
Hayley's "Active Care"
Zoe's "Generations Connect"
Maria's "Building Connections"
Tyler's "Strive"
Cameron's "Tech Help"
Alexander's "Boot Camps"
Stephanie's "Together Again"


Ethan's "Mental Movement Mudgee"
Rosie's "Coronavirus Virtual Time Capsule"
Stella's "Centre Stage Mudgee Improv Theatre"
Mariah's "Elderly Strike"
Clare's "Chat & Craft"
Olive's "Friends for the Future"
Tara's "Doggy-Disco"
"Connections for Kids"
"Mudgee Movie Night"
"Help As You Need It"
"Help To You"
"Community Garden"
"Senior Family Fun Day"
"5 Second Pickup"


Rachel's "Festival to Celebrate Multiculturalism"
Parwana's "Teenagers Mental Health"
Jared's "Local Legends"
Angelina's "Stop the Social Split"
Farahnaz's "Scheduled Provisions"
Masroor's "Give Us a Hand"
Hannah "Crochet Crusaders"
Kasin's "The Catch-up"
Amanie's "Highlight"
Joshua's "Activibox for the Elderly"
Victoria's "Supplies for You"
Hajar's "Help for the Homeless"
Sarah's "Old in Age, Young at Heart"
Marco's "Questmate"
John's "Society's Reaction to the Pandemic"
Zimraan's "The Less Fortunate"
Ben's "Fitty Bitties"
Isaac's "Online Music Lessons"